Equal Tempered Tuning Only

Options→Scales & Tuning: Tap switch to On to force the tuning to be equal tempered, or to Off to have the tuning change with accompaniment to be one selected by the composer as appropriate to the culture of that accompaniment’s scale.

For example, the non-equal-tempered tuning used by Bandojo for Western heptatonic scales (such as MajorMinor and Dorian) is just-intonation, while

The equal-tempered tuning system, developed for keyboard instruments such as the piano, uses a constant frequency ratio between the notes of the scale, so that you can shift keys without having to re-tune the instrument. Use this tuning mode when playing Bandojo in live ensembles that include acoustic instruments tuned to be equal tempered.

Tap switch to Off to allow non-equal-tempered tuning appropriate to the culture of the current Accompaniment’s scale. For Western heptatonic scales (such as MajorMinor and Dorian), the non-equal-tempered tuning typically used by Bandojo is just-intonation. (We recommend switching off equal-tempered tuning.)