Bandojo for iPhone and iPad

…a musical instrument you can learn to play just by exploring

Co-create beautiful music along with Bandojo’s inspiring accompaniments.

Choose a texture…stimulate your creativity with exotic sounds, rhythms, and harmonies. The Sound Sensei controls the scale and the rhythm to fit within each sound environment.

Play alone or with friends on your desktop or laptop computer, iPhone and iPad.

Play on a colorful Melody Palette

  • Glide or tap with one finger to play a melody.
  • Use two, three or even five fingers at once to play chords and clusters of sound.
  • Wirelessly connect your iPad or iPhone to a computer running BandojoPlus and use that iOS device as an additional touchscreen controller.

Enjoy continually changing musical textures

  • Many styles, scales, modes, and moods.
  • Over 60 different immersive musical textures included.
  • Textures serve as accompaniments to your melody creations, or provide satisfying musical ambience on their own.
  • Engender calm and centering with the new Serenity suite of textures.

Choose your Melody instrument

  • 16 different melody instruments available for each accompaniment you choose.
  • Wide range of choices, including dulcimer, banjo, viola, harp…and distortion guitar.
  • Reeds, strings, keyboards, brass, pads and world instruments.
  • Includes percussion and sound effects.

Control the experience…or be carried along with the flow

  • Choose an accompaniment to fit your mood…or allow the accompaniment textures to cycle continuously.
  • Choose the key, mode, tempo, volume…or let the Sound Sensei choose, and change your melody to match.
  • Play rhythms freely…or use Rhythm Lock to guide you towards simpler or more complex play.

Play wirelessly with friends

  • Collaborate or jam.
  • Host one or two friends using your iPhone or iPad.
  • Hosting the group using BandojoPlus for Mac enables you to play with up to 16 of your closest friends on iPhone, iPad and desktop or laptop computer.

Learn while you play

  • Melody Palette button labels show solfege, scale numbers, pitch names and octave registers.
  • Four Melody Palette sizes—3 x 3, 5 x 5, 6 x 6 and 8 x 8—allow players to start simple and grow their skills.
  • Melody Palette skins, including Monsters and Shapes, are a fun way to engage young players.
  • Harmony buttons let you change the accompaniment’s chord root to create chord progressions.
  • Experience other cultures by making music using scales, tunings and instruments from around the world.
  • Song Sheets make it easy to learn to play your favorite melodies.

Help is at hand

  • A feature map quickly gets you started, so you can play right away.
  • On-line help and an FAQ fill in the details.
  • More information coming soon, including tutorials and ideas for creating new music.

Use Bandojo with BandojoPlus: the best of both worlds

  • Superior sound and more instrument choices from your desktop or laptop computer.
  • Touchscreen interface from the iPhone or iPad allows sweeping, tapping and play with one or more fingers.
  • Use your desktop or laptop mouse and keyboard, your MIDI keyboard, and your iOS touchscreen devices simultaneously.
  • BandojoPlus for Mac…available now on this website.

Record on your desktop or laptop computer with BandojoPlus

  • Record CD-quality, shareable audio files, and play them back.
  • Create soundtracks for your videos, your games…or your life.

Adaptive interfaces let everyone play

  • Minimize interface complexity through “Less” mode and simplified Melody Palettes.
  • Tactile guards and screen overlays accommodate vision and mobility limitations (designs available upon request).
  • Adaptive/assistive physical controllers are available for BandojoPlus.
  • Mix interfaces within an ensemble so that everyone can participate at their own level or with their own interface adaptations.