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Music. No experience required.

Bandojo is a musical instrument you can learn to play just by exploring.

Play on a colorful Melody Palette

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Bandojo for iPhone and iPad

  • Glide, sweep or tap.
  • Use one finger for melodies or several fingers for chords and clusters of sound.
  • Newly updated for recent iOS devices.

BandojoPlus for Mac

  • Glide your mouse around the Melody Palette…it’s a clickless interface.
  • Play from your computer keyboard.
  • Plug in a MIDI keyboard.
  • Wirelessly connect your iPad or iPhone to use as an additional touchscreen controller.
  • Attach a Bandojo-enabled physical controller and play by touching objects or moving through space.
  • Or do them all at once.

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The Sound Sensei generates endlessly changing musical textures

Choose an accompaniment to fit your mood…or allow the accompaniment textures to cycle and flow.

Collaborate or jam

Play wirelessly with friends. Hosting the group using BandojoPlus for Mac enables you to play with up to 16 of your closest friends on iPhone, iPad and desktop or laptop computer.

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Use Bandojo with BandojoPlus: the best of both worlds

  • Superior sound and more instrument choices from your Mac.
  • Touchscreen interface from your iPad or iPhone allows sweeping, tapping and play with one, two, five or more fingers to create chords and clusters of sound.
  • Use your mouse and keyboard, your MIDI keyboard, your physical controllers, and your iOS touchscreen devices simultaneously.

Bandojo is also available for educational institutions, music therapists, speech-language pathologists, and occupational therapists. Adaptive/assistive physical interfaces, as well as themed artful ones, are available. Complete our RSVP Form to inquire about site licenses, support, activities, and training.