Music. No experience required.™
No keyboards or fretboards. Sweep your finger across a Melody Palette of colors. There are no wrong notes. From the moment you launch, the Sound Sensei generates endless musical textures that you can listen to or play melodies with. Play a tune along with sounds, rhythms, and harmonies inspired by music from around the world. Play wirelessly with friends on iPad, iPhone and Mac. You control the experience.
Not just accompaniments. Sound Textures.
• Constantly changing, endless accompaniment
• Many styles, modes, and moods
Hover, sweep and tap.
• Just move your finger around the Melody Palette to play
• Use all your fingers—more fingers will play chords
• No wrong notes—the Sound Sensei controls the scale to fit the accompaniment
• No wrong rhythms
Choose your Accompaniment
• 20 different immersive sound textures included
• Additional accompaniments available
Choose your Melody Instrument
• 16 different instruments included
• Reeds, strings, brass and distortion guitar
• Includes percussion and sound effects
Play with a Group
• Maestro mode allows you to play with friends
• Hosting the group using Bandojo Plus for Mac OS enables you to play with up to 16 of your closest friends on iPhone, iPad and Mac
You have control
• Choose an accompaniment to fit your mood
• Play any of 16 different instruments, percussion and sound effects
• Change tempo, volume, rhythm
• Choose a key or let the keys flow and change
Help is at Hand
A feature map quickly gets you started, so you can start playing right away. More information, including tutorials and ideas for creating new music, are just a click away.
Record on your Mac
To record your creations, get Bandojo Plus for Mac OS at the Mac App Store.